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Our Mission

Klarisana Outreach is the non-profit sister organization to Klarisana...one of the leading centers for Ketamine infusion therapy and ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Our goal is to provide financial support to patients who would benefit from ketamine assisted psychotherapy but who otherwise could not afford it. We also seek to obtain grant funding to conduct original research into the use of ketamine for the treatment of post traumatic stress.


Ketamine Breaks the Paradigm

Ketamine is showing itself to be a radically different and effective way to treat PTSD and severe depression. We feel that every human has a God-given purpose in this world. Severe psychological trauma can derail a person's mission in this life. At Klarisana Outreach we hope to make ketamine assisted psychotherapy available to the greatest number of people possible.


The pathway forward

Klarisana outreach is looking to partner with foundations and individuals who feel called to help people who suffer the effects of psychological trauma. If you would like to support our mission we would love to hear from you.


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Klarisana Outreach Inc.

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